PHOTOS: Justin Bieber’s NUDE photo leaked!

Justin Bieber just had the above pictures leaked to the web and as you can see they are legit as the tattoos and sunken bird chest match up perfectly.

These pics were most likely taken from Justin Bieber’s camera and laptop, which Justin claims were stolen yesterday while also admitting he had “personal footage” stored on them.

Well it turns out that personal footage was probably the pics above of Justin Bieber showing off his hairless effeminate body, and what looks like either a sad little penis or an oversized clit.

Ladies, what do you think? Would really want your comments on this one…

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  1. I wish I could fuck him,suck his penis and sleep with him


  3. but he has outwardly breeding

  4. Kelsey Howard

    Um thitwas pretty good thoughat video was funny and cute but weird ha And i love you on the show back then true jackson vp and i am glad your mom made u she is a good mother and she has so much potential in u and that video u posted so damn funny i love your new video called lolly by you and 2 chainz and i like when you rap too you should do rapping u good at it really good better than Chris brown big sean t.i.lil wayne nicki minaj jay-z i like when u say beyonce is se-cute it is so sweet you like beyoncei have too go now bout to listen lolly by Justin bieber and 2 chainz love ur new song and u keep it real for the believers

  5. Kelsey Howard

    Sorry about that writing to fast sorry

  6. Hoe Protecter

    Dis montherfucker must be crazy. Were’s Jery, hm? All I see is some weird looking, out of shape dick. I don’t listen to your music now, without adding reason into the pot. I don’t dislike you. It’s just I’m a “Salt Shaker” type of person. I’m just to say SSSTTTOOOPPP BEING NAAASSTTY. I hope I’m clear

  7. That’s so hot and smexy

  8. 1. His penis looks normal (average) size from this angle. Not huge, but definitely not small by any means. It does look pretty thick compared to how skinny he is. Anyone (including the writer of the article) suggesting that he is “tiny” is an idiot or just a hater.

    2. Who cares if he’s uncircumcised? He’s Canadian and most countries that have socialized medicine don’t circumcise boys. Besides when the skin is back they all look the same anyway, so complaining about that is stupid.

    3. I’m definitely not a fan of guys shaving. Unfortunately more and more guys are doing this. I don’t mind manscaping in the form of trimming. But completely shaved is a bit too feminine for me.

    4. Why does it seem like there are more guys talking about his penis than girls? Are you guys gay or just jealous of him? Think about that!

  9. I don’t care how big he is as long as he has got one to be proud of

  10. Mandi Tryst

    OMG!! mY dreams haVE COME true. the best cock i have ever seen. such beautiful foreskin. wonderful girth lovely length. I want it in my hole!!

  11. Did you know that Justin Bibers camera and laptop got stolen and He Did not know it this is a true story his Camera and laptop had personal footage on it and the people that took it put some if the Picts if his Dick and other things onto the internet so what I am trying to say us that if your the people that keep in saying that Justin Is putting those Picts on the Internet well it is not him I am sure if Justin wanted to put Picts of his Dick and other thing I am sure he would show his Face also here is am ex I have Alot of pics of when Justin mood Instergram and he showed his Face O and one more thing Nice Dick Justin your very Sexey I am really a girl if you see a pic of a boy then that I my brother I love you Justin Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Much!!!!!!!

  12. lol he is small not average average is 7 and im canadian younger than him and still bigger

  13. im a girl and i sucked his dick and it was good i loved it his dick in my vagina it felt so good :o←

  14. Oh my fuck Jesus babbee fuck me with that .

  15. justin have a nice dick and I want to fuck him

  16. spanking dad

    i would lick out his sweet young tight hairless boipussy and suck him til he saw stars!

  17. Omg fuck me bieber put it in my ass ill suck your dick so hard ugghjh I want to swallow it cum cum on my face Ughh we can play bad boy u been naughty

  18. Woof, Love to be able to get my head in between his legs and work that twink boy cock over real good and let his shoot his load into my hot bear mouth

  19. It just makes me tingly inside me XD

  20. Can’t stop looking at it

  21. that looks pretty hot actually..

  22. I cant stop laughing because it is small and i hate him

  23. evelyn Bieber

    Daaaaaamn baby

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  25. Can I just like.. Ride that and cum all over?

  26. His dick is so sexy

  27. I love his dick it looks so hard and… I want it in my ass now

  28. I’m gay and he is fine looking ;P

  29. Ervey Ortega

    I’m gaay and love his dick I want it in my ass so bad.I want him to cumulative inside. ♥

  30. So damn sexy

  31. what the hell r some of u on about JB is hot in every way hot cock bod and fab looking any how who cares about how big his cock is its good enuf 4 me and most of the others who av commented i 4 1 so wouldnt kick him out me bed can av my arse day and nite 24/7 lol

  32. You should undergo circumcision first, Your looks dirty.

  33. Selena Gomez probably has seen that dick before then leaked that dick to the world as a break up prank

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  35. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz frieands add me on skype joshua.justin9

  36. i can confirm that this IS biebers cock.

  37. Wow. That is a serious prob.

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