PHOTOS: Justin Bieber’s NUDE photo leaked!

Justin Bieber just had the above pictures leaked to the web and as you can see they are legit as the tattoos and sunken bird chest match up perfectly.

These pics were most likely taken from Justin Bieber’s camera and laptop, which Justin claims were stolen yesterday while also admitting he had “personal footage” stored on them.

Well it turns out that personal footage was probably the pics above of Justin Bieber showing off his hairless effeminate body, and what looks like either a sad little penis or an oversized clit.

Ladies, what do you think? Would really want your comments on this one…

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  1. Lmao! Bieber’s penis is small sha. Like him anyways

    • Well, the average adult male penis is only 5 to 6 inches…

      • Yeah Right !

        I AGREE !

      • right thats average, true, but no one can really know for sure how big jb really is, we can see if its fat or thin,but thats about it, cuz his hand went around the head, so we couldnt see anything behind the hand, so thats all we seen for real was like 2″ lmao but if he moved his hand it might of been hmm maybe 6 to 7″ if he’s lucky lol, his is kind of thick though

    • see we really dont know if it is small, in that pic, he could have had his hand like half way up, up until the head area, so you cant see anything past his head, so we dont know if its small, it looks like it could be kinda fat though, but it might be small or could be big, if he moved his hands while doing the pic, you would really know if he was small or huge lol, thats when you will know, i know cuz i take pics of myself, god… every guy does lmao

  2. Been searching for this picture… Nice one though

    • and if he moved his hands out of the way of it all, im sure you would be able to really see how big it is, i did noticed he looked really thick though, but not to sure how long it is, lmao man this is bad! lol awell, what guy doesnt take pics of theres, i do lmao

    • haha, if he didnt have his hands all the way up to his head you would have known how big he really is, he seems average at like 6″ and he seems kind of thick to, but i did notice he had all his finger wraped around and touching when they went around, so thats not that thick, lmao when i grab mine i cant wrap my whole hand around and im bigger then jb’s average thingy lol, but average is from 5″ to 6″ to 7″ thats it, i can be happy to say, im above average :) lol, have fun here yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! lol

  3. Pics are fake!

    • They so are!!!

    • I dont know dude, put it this way, every guy takes pics of our dicks lol, i do im sure you do, “lol if yoru not a girl” but, everything describes him, right up to the “he was suppose to be Uncut” so even that is right, plust that tattoo, and justin talking about how his stuff really did get stolen, that was for real, and JB did say, i had alot of personal stuff on there, lol we all know what now, but everyone takes nude pics, so, you know he did at some point, i was hopeing selena would be in on it hahaha, but yeah its real, jb got busted lmao

  4. Celebs keep getting weird

    • ahh, its not being weird or anything like that, if a guy says “I dont take nude pics of me Never” then he is lying, cuz every guy i mean every guy has some nude pics in your and even my computer, we all do that for ego, its hard to know you really have, untill you take a pic and then its like looking from the outside in, everylooks different on cam so,, its all for the eggo,

  5. Justin, is that you?

  6. Whoop! Whoop! Small penis dude

    • I am not gay, far, far from it. Just the thought of homosexual sex turns my stomach. If that is the boys penis, it is not only small, but in my opinion, an uncircumsized penis is just plain fugly. ( This is where all of the uncut guys jump in ) This is where I say to myself, why would a boy with his money and his access to any girls he choses do something so foolish?

      • Probably the same reason why somebody would say something so foolish. And you’re checking out a dude’s package. Sounds pretty gay to me.

  7. thats so small that even a rat has a bigger one!! HA!!

    • how do you know if its small? his hand was right up to his head, so you couldnt see back to the shaft area, in those pics, no one knows how big he is, we just know that he is uncut, and kind of thick, but cuz he’s thick he might be very small to likd 5″ lol but i think he might have an average 6″ or a possible 7″ pp lmao, dam, you know, every guy takes pics of himself, but if your famous you better just not do that shit lol poor kid

  8. Saved!

  9. This is really crazy!!!

  10. thats is so fucken hilarious and so small and i wunder how selena feels about her boyfriend penis being seen world wide

  11. allison presly


  12. Hell yeahhh my bitch it’s Justin fucking Bieber dose it matter no not to me Justin Bieber is sexy and who knows maybe the person who took it edited it who knows I’m 100% downloading this to my phone haha love Justin Bieber <3

    • hahaha your all crazy! lmao im j/k girl lol, i seen the pics, and dont listen to the folks saying he’s small, cuz he’s not small, his hand was covering most of it, so its hard to see how long it is, his is kind of thick, but i notice he makes a circle with his hand like if he was jerking it lmao, and i noticed his fingers go all the way around his stick and so if his fingers can go all the way around, he seems kind of thick, but with mine i can wrap my hand around like that, there would be a big gap, but if i had to guess he’s prob. maybe 7″ average, not bad at all, im glad im above average though, :) well have fun, show your friends it lmao

      • Yeah, his hand is covering most of it… meaning it’s small enough to be covered by his hand, which appears to be very close to his body. And that doesn’t look thick at all. He’s probably 10 inches if you measure from his butthole. I’m still convinced it’s an oversized clit. We sure are getting lots of info on your weiner. Just post a photo already.

  13. Why u bully & cruel.
    The way u describe it is nasty.
    Live & let with Respect!

  14. This is totally absurd! lmao.. .. lol

  15. It’s unlike Justin… Lmao anyway

  16. That penis isn’t small! It’s fairly decent but the angle of the camera gives it the appearance of a short penis.

  17. Weird! I laugh though

  18. VietNameseTeen

    I don̉t really like him but i think his penis is not too small for 17 age if it isn̉t the biggest of that. Just bigger than me a little :)

  19. he pulled himself this joke

  20. His body makes no sense

  21. Smallie, just saying.

  22. lovethatshit44


  23. Brian Johnstone

    Lol – ing

  24. do u know how embarrising that is for him imagine if ur titties got leaked on the internet!!

    • My titties don’t leak. That might be something to get checked out. Bieber should get his micropenis/megaclit checked out too.

  25. all u guys laughing at him i bet ur dick isnt any better so shut the fuck up!!

  26. If his whole hand is around his penis and it’s still quite longer; then it’s pretty big.

  27. uncircumsized…what was his mom thinking!

  28. VietNameseTeen

    I think in the picture its length is about 13cm. 3cm big. A little embarrising if that is the bigges :))

  29. He’s a clean dude. Dick!

  30. EW !

    HE IS NOT Circumcised !!!


  31. VietNameseTeen

    I think the penis in the picture is 13cm longth and 3cm big. So embarrising if that is the biggest

  32. Circumcision reduces sexual pleasure for the male & a little for the female believe it or not. Seriously, do the research if you don’t believe me. Being circumcised is unnatural and barbaric. Who wants a dry, crusty penis head that has become desensitized from rubbing on briefs all day is , now that disgusting. Some people are so misinformed. And Justin’s penis looks around 7 inches to me since it is a couple of inches longer than his hand. The average male penis 5.5 inches so he seems like he has an above average natural penis.

    • yup i agree with you here adriana! its hard to how big it is cuz his hand is covering most of it, but still looks like it might be a little above average he might be 6″ i dont think he is that thick though, kind of but, a little, when i take pics of me like this, and put my hand around mine i get a big gap, with justin his fingers go all the way around no problem, if you know what i mean, im glad to be alot over average haha8

    • I prefer dry and clean over dirty, cheesy, and infected. The most sensitive part of the penis isn’t the foreskin. Most girls probably don’t know that though. You’re right, some people really ARE so misinformed!

      • Look~all of those who said his penis is small that’s only cuz he’s still young yet cuz u can see his and didn’t come in yet now he’s 19 now and he has and so his penis is gonna probably Honegger now than this picture… I would love to suck that..he’s turning me on

  33. 92 percent of boys born in Canada especially ONTARIO are Circumcised at birth!

    • That isn’t true at all. Infact, the majority of boys born in Canada today (over 70%) are left intact.

      • Well you are misinformed. I lived in Toronto , eastern and western Canada, and all my friends were all circumcised , They follow the path of the States. I went to school and college in Canada, and out of seeing literaly Hundreds of Penises the majority were all circumcised, so i don’t know where you are getting your information. In the early 90’s the OHIP , or equivelent of NHS stopped paying for Routine male circumcisions in Ontario , which is the highest rate of circumcision. I still presume that with it being an aesthetic operation, as well as a Cultural thing in Ontario ,With Justin Bieber being born in St Judes Hospital in London Ontario Canada, and having a very young influential mother , iam am sure that Justin didn’t escape the “SNIP” .

  34. I don’t know about y’all but the penis seems good to me

  35. To the people saying he has a small penis, you can’t really tell because of the angle.

    • i know right, i here ya, and his hand is covering most of his shaft, so you really dont know, lol when i take my nude pics i’ll take a pic with my hand there, and then without the hand, so i can see how the whole package, i think justin is just average, 6″ thats not small at all, but im above average, so im happy lmao, have a good day or night!!!!!!

  36. The commentator sounds a bit jealous!!!!! He’s a fat ugly closeted homo that was probably rejected by every cute 15 year old he tried to stalk.

    • Thats riight! Skylar you are a voice of reason amongst these female ( and closeted gay male) Bieber fans that want to rape him or these sick Schadenfreude perverts that are seriously over obsessed with Bieber
      letst ake a test here
      if you are a man, especially one of Black or Hispanic Decent, and you
      A are blabbing about the size of your Manhood compared to JB and other celebs, or B speaking about how big you are (Typical poster:
      Damn dat dick is small and dat bird chest, Maaaaan I gosts a thick 12 and a half inch dick and im cut like a champion, Ise be gettin Bitches 24/7 36, nigga.)

      if this is how your posts look like You are NOT a Heterosexual you are GAY HOMOSEXUAL and in the closet 100%. Get over yourself! no right thinking Heterosexual Man in a relationship with a woman, a REAL woman not some $2 HOI would even be interested in seeing or talking about nude photos of Bieber. let alone his manhood! I feel sorry for this generation. the macho acting “men” in society are really a bunch of closeted queens. the Heterosexual male is an endangered species. the Millenial generation is doomed.


  37. Uh..I’m not sure why so many Americans think uncircumcised penises are gross..they seriously are not. That’s the way people are born! Why would you remove something like that right after birth!?!? I don’t think justin needs to worry though he can get any pussy he wants.

  38. #speechless

  39. He has his whole hand on his penis. Not only is there a couple of inches after his hand, which means he has to be like 6.5 to 7 but it also looks like he has a nice girth. The average penis is around 5.5 to 6 inches. If this really is Justin bieber then he has an above average penis he might even be on the bigger side. So stop hatin just bc you guys have small a penis and you can’t accept the fact that Justin bieber has a bigger dick.

  40. For all the people claiming the penis is small. I agree with a few of the above posts. His hand is all the way around it and it’s still longer, as well as it looks thicker than average. It seems as if people are hating on him just because he’s famous and attractive to many around the globe! Doesn’t give you the right to hate on him because of his status and being young.

  41. VietNameseTeen

    So much cm. I don̉t think girl can know like that. So why here are all guy,male?

    • What is your problem? I’m so confused. Most likely none of you even know Justin so you have no right to talk about his private areas. He did not intend on having the picture leaked so get over it maybe he was bored. Think of it as you get him a break. I love you Justin!!!

    • english please?

  42. * I meant give him a break.

  43. i honestly think it looks like a decant size from what i can see. either way id gladly fuck it.. i dont want his money, nor fame.. just the dick. ;3

  44. Not as big as mine

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